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Digital Radio Pioneers

Frontier Smart Technologies, previously known as Frontier Silicon, is a pioneer in Technologies for Digital Audio and the market leader in DAB/DAB+ Radios and SmartRadio Solutions. A British Fabless Semiconductor Company, Frontier produces Integrated Circuits (ICs), Modules and Software for Consumer Digital Radio Devices, Smart Radios, IoT Products and the Automotive Aftermarket.

PURE Evoke -1

We collaborated with Frontier when it was just starting out, incubating within Imagination Technologies that provided the Silicon on Chip (SoC) Designs. In collaboration with Pure International, Frontier enabled the PURE Evoke -1, the very first £99 Digital Radio, a product that the BBC and the Commercial Radio Industry saw as the key to kick-starting the Digital Radio market in the UK. This low-cost product showcased the possibilities offered by the new Technology, and other manufacturers quickly followed suit. Frontier has now shipped over 50 million Radio Modules with customized Software to Pure International and many other leading Consumer Electronics Brands.

PURE Evoke - 1

Frontier Jupiter

Frontier Jupiter

Reference Design Platform for Digital Radio

Frontier Chorus

Frontier Chorus

Custom SoC for Digital Radio


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Trade Mark Notice. Frontier Smart Technologies and all Frontier Smart Technologies logos are trademarks of Frontier Smart Technologies Group Limited. PURE figurative mark and all PURE logos are trademarks of Pure International Limited..

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