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The Internet of Things

Google LLC is a Global Technology Company that specializes in Internet-related Services and Products.
The Company is primarily focused on web-based Search and Display Advertising tools, its Search Engine, Cloud Computing, Software and Hardware.


Google Chromebook Pixel

We have been involved in a series of projects to support Google's Diversification Strategies in the Consumer Electronics and Internet of Things markets. Google wanted to create a premium Chromebook which could rival Apple’s MacBook Air in terms of materials, quality and design. Based in Mountain View, California, we led the Product Design Team that created the Chromebook 'Pixel'. The final product exceeded quality and performance expectations. Priced at the upper-end of the Laptop market, it featured a touch-screen which had the highest pixel density of any Laptop, a faster CPU than its predecessors in the Intel Core i5, 32 GB of solid-state storage, and a colored lightbar on the lid added to enhance its 'cool' factor. A second 'Pixel' version, with marginally higher price tag than the base model, featured LTE Wireless Communication and twice the storage capacity.

Google Chromebook Pixel

Google Chromebook Pixel
Google Chromebook Pixel

HP Chromebook

After Pixel, we focused on a low-cost Laptop aimed at the general Consumer market and the Education sector. While this product was fully developed internally by the Google Team, it was branded and shipped by HP. To enable personalization, we developed prototypes of Laptop covers that could be customized via an online App called 'Case Art' that allowed users to select or upload Custom Designs.

HP Chromebook

HP Chromebook

Chromebook Custom UI

Google Chromebook Case Art

Chromebook Case Art

Google Chromebook Case Art

Google Connected Audio Platform

Following the delivery of the Chromebook projects we were involved in other Innovation initiatives. 
We proposed a Connected Audio Platform, based on Chrome OS, which could scale from low cost to high performance and ensure interoperability amongst Brands. Following successful prototyping and demonstrations, the project was approved. We worked with internal UX and Software Teams, selected external SoC Vendors, System Integrators and engaged with Tier 1 OEMs (including Bowers & Wilkins) that could build products which would demonstrate the range and quality of the platform. This project eventually evolved into Google Home Audio and Voice IoT Products. In addition, we also explored future wearable devices with the Android Wear Team in London.

Chrome OS Connected Soundbar Prototype

Google Connected Audio Platform


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Trade Mark Notice. Google, all Google logos, Android, Chrome OS, Chromebook, Chromebook Pixel, Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC..

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