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Wave Masters

We have always had a passion for the blend of Music and Technology. It started in the 80’s by designing and constructing Analog Modular Synthesizers, Sequencers and Drum Machines, before collaborating with a number of renowned  Companies in the Music Industry.

The Early Days ...
Digital Keyboards, Guitars and Drums

SycoLogic MIDI Products

SycoLogic MIDI Products

Syco Systems Ltd. was a Sales and Marketing Company, set up with Peter Gabriel of the Rock Band 'Genesis’ to distribute Digital Keyboards and professional Computer Music Systems in the UK, including Fairlight, E-Mu Systems and Sequential Circuits. We formed a new division of the Company, called SycoLogic, set up to Design and Manufacture specialised Studio Equipment. We produced a range of MIDI peripherals, which Syco distributed worldwide. We were responsible for the Specification, Design and Manufacture of these products.

Stepp DG1 Digital Guitar

Stepp was formed to produce and market the world's first Digital Guitar. The Company was funded by Venture Capital and consisted of a nucleus of Design, Marketing, Financial and Legal personnel, with detailed Design and Manufacture sub-contracted to third parties. We were engaged to lead Product Development and liaise with the Industrial and Electronic Designers during the final stages of design and to ensure the smooth transfer of the product from bench prototype into UK manufacture. The DG1 Digital Guitar won a D&AD Wood Pencil / Product Design / Personal Consumer in 1988.

Stepp DG1 Digital Guitar
Simmons PortaKit

Simmons Digital Drums

We worked with Simmons when the Company was the market leader in Electronic Percussion. We specified and coordinated the development of 3 new Digital Drum Products up to the pre-production stage, including all User Interface Design and Documentation.

Full Circle

Digital Instruments – from Physical to Virtual to Physical again!

As Personal Computers became more powerful, Digital Instruments became more virtual and software applications could emulate almost any instrument as well as record and mix multiple tracks. These Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) have enabled the proliferation of very low-cost Home Studios. Fast forward to today and the Modular Synthesizer is back with a vengeance in ‘Eurorack’ format with over 5,000 modules available from over 270 different manufacturers. Many of these modules are released as ‘open source’ providing Schematics, PCB layout and Code allowing customisation and hacking.

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Start-Up Incubation


Concept Definition


Prototyping & Testing

Product Design & Development




More Work

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