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Keeping the World Fit

Polar Electro Oy helps Sports enthusiasts get under the skin of their training. Based in Finland, Polar has been for years at the forefront of Sports Science and Technology and its Training Computers come from the combination of expertise in Sports, Physiology and Electronics. Polar is globally renowned for developing the world's first wireless Heart Rate Monitor in 1977.

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Nordic Performance

Polar's Products cater to all levels of performance, from amateurs to professional athletes, and to all kinds of Sport, from Running and Cycling to Outdoor and general Fitness. As a global leader in the fields of Sport Watches and Sport Computers, through the years Polar has released several groundbreaking Innovations.

From Niche to Mass Market

We have collaborated with Polar for several years and provided our expertise to support its aim of extending its reach from a niche of professional athletes and hard-core amateurs to the mass market of leisure Sport and Fitness enthusiasts. We have devised the Brand, Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Strategies to reposition Polar as a more appealing and mainstream Sports Brand and defined a Community Engagement Plan to bring Polar closer to the audiences it wanted to reach. We have been involved in the Definition and Go-to-Market of several New Products in all categories. We have developed Social and Communications Campaigns and supported Polar's Digitalization and E-commerce Transformation.


Innovation Partnerships

Polar has always partnered with leading innovators to push the boundaries of technological advancements in Sports. We have been involved in the Polar/Nokia and Polar/adidas Partnerships and provided expertise to Product co-Development, joint Go-to-Market Strategies and Brand and Customer Activation Plans.


Training Mates

Polar partnered with Nokia to develop the technology that allowed connectivity between its high-end S725X Sport Watch and the Nokia 5140 Mobile Phone. Training data (heart rate, speed, distance and route profile) could be sent via Infrared from the Polar S725X Sport Watch to the Nokia Mobile Phone. The Nokia 5140 would then show a graphical representation of heart rate, speed, and altitude and a summary of key training statistics. The training information could then either be stored on the phone or transferred to the Polar Precision Performance PC Software for further analysis and long term monitoring. This Innovation represented an essential first step towards the development of Data Connectivity in Sports.

World's First Integrated Training System

Polar and adidas formed a partnership to introduce the world’s first completely Integrated Training System. Called 'Project Fusion', it seamlessly integrated Polar heart rate, speed and distance monitoring equipment into adidas apparel and footwear. The system integrated the adidas adiStar Fusion apparel range (t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, bras, women’s tops), the adidas adiStar Fusion shoe, Polar’s s3 Stride Sensor, the Polar WearLink Transmitter and the Polar RS800 Running Computer into one complete system that dramatically simplified use and increased comfort for the athlete.

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Business Transformation

Digital Transformation

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Community Engagement

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Digital, Social, E-commerce

Trade Mark Notice. Polar and all Polar logos are trademarks of Polar Electro Oy. adidas and all adidas logos are trademarks of adidas AG. Nokia and all Nokia logos are trademarks of Nokia Corporation.

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