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We Are

Welcome to HAUS of VENTURES, the Strategic Innovation and Venture Development Company. This is the place where dreams are enabled, ideas flourish, partnerships are built to last and goals are achieved. Dynamic, agile, switched-on and resilient we are well equipped to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of the Unicorn Age. We collaborate, innovate and disrupt. We turn great ideas into iconic Ventures and legendary Brands.


Meet the Founders

Innovative CTO/CPO with over 30 years’ experience in Consumer Electronics, including Product Design, Development, Manufacturing and Program Management, Ken is a Visionary and Creative Executive with a unique blend of technical, aesthetic and commercial skills. He has a proven track record in mass-market Product Development from Concept to Delivery, spanning US/Silicon Valley, EMEA and Asia and is passionate about delivering technology with a simple, holistic user experience. Ken’s interests include IoT, Photography and Music Technology and he likes to get hands-on, transforming his home into a 'House of the Future'.

Ken McAlpine
Barbara Cichello McAlpine

Optimistic and determined Executive, Barbara has extensive International Business experience built in EMEA, US and APAC. By mixing her analytical and creative skills, Barbara enhances her natural instinct for Business and Consumer trends and can identify opportunities well before they hit the mainstream. A focused problem solver who brings 'order to chaos', Barbara has a unique set of skills including Business Strategy and Planning, International Development, Brand & Marketing Strategy, Digital Transformation, E-commerce, Digital Strategy and more. When not busy seeking the 'Next Big Thing' Barbara enjoys expanding her shoe collection.



Ingenuity, Innovation and Disruption are at the core of our Methodology.


We bring depth and breadth of Expertise to each conversation and we are happy to share.


We Lead with passion and determination. We'll take your ideas from Vision to Success.


We work as part of your Team. We aim to be your trusted Strategic Business Partner.


We have an extensive and reputable Global Network. It covers all Industries and Geographies.


Agile and nimble, we always plan for the Unexpected. We are always Ready.


We treat Your Money like Our Own. We'll give you the Best Service at the Fairest Price.


We will maximize your ROI and ensure Visibility and Transparency at all times.

To learn more about HAUS of VENTURES please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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