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Glamorous Lifestyles

Karma is an Entertainment & Lifestyle Brand that designs extraordinary Luxury Experiences for an International Audience of Global Citizens. Exclusive and elusive Karma explores new concepts in Fashion, Entertainment and Hospitality.
Uncompromising quality and attention to detail, surprise and delight, are the key values of this Brand that always delivers the Best of the Best.

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Fashion Forward

The rapid expansion of Fast-Fashion has created, in less than a decade, a significant offering gap between cheap Fashion and Luxury. The demise of the Casual-Chic segment has left the so-called 'forgotten' target group - wealthy young professionals with busy lifestyles - with very few options. Karma wanted to address this gap with a Fashion line that would bring back quality and sustainability to materials and comfort and functionality to style.

We have partnered with Karma to study the Consumer needs and attitudes, the Market potential and explore Sustainable sourcing and manufacturing processes. We have defined a 5-Year Business Plan, Karma's Brand Identity and Architecture, and planned all Go-to-Market initiatives. (Excerpts from the original work are shown below.)

It's Time to Face the Music

Another ambitious project saw us working with Karma to innovate the world of Live Entertainment by bringing the production quality and technology of Television and major Live Events to smaller formats. We have conducted an extensive business analysis, numerous scenario planning exercises and complex innovation explorations.

We have moderated focus groups, explored industry partnerships and engaged with VCs and potential investors.​ (Excerpts from the original work are shown below.)


Business Strategy & Planning

Market & Business Intelligence

Concept Definition

Brand Identity & Architecture

Integrated Marketing Strategy

PR & Communications

Retail Strategy & Innovation

Digital, Social, E-commerce

More Work

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