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Achieve More

Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to Achieve More.
Microsoft believes that Technology can and should be a Force for Good and that meaningful Innovation can and will contribute to a brighter world in big and small ways.

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Meaningful Connections

In an era defined by the proliferation of devices, explosion in data, connected online experiences and a changing global landscape, Microsoft Advertising offers to Global Advertisers and Agencies personalized and trusted engagements across platforms, creating deeper, more enduring relationships between Brands and Consumers.


War of the Titans

We were with Microsoft at the time when, despite its competitive Digital Advertising Offering defined by Brand Safety, Multi-platform Reach and a Captive Audience of 1B+ users, Microsoft was not in the Tier 1 consideration set with Facebook and Google. The reason was that, in a Digital Advertising context, compared to Facebook and Google, Microsoft was perceived as a 'traditional, old and detached' Brand, lacking offering clarity, a consultative selling approach and emotional connection to Advertising Buyers and Consumers. We have provided our expertise to help reposition Microsoft as a Tier 1, must-buy publisher.

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It's a Digital Natives' World

Through an articulate Customer Engagement Strategy including Thought Leadership Sessions, Innovation Workshops, Sponsored Research and Insights Programs, Customer Advisory Board Roundtables and Executive Briefings, we have helped raise Microsoft's awareness and profile with the Global Digital Advertising C-Suite. Moreover, through the activation of large-scale Industry Events including AdWeek, Digital New Fronts, Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, IAB Engage, SXSW, we have driven Microsoft's repositioning as a trusted partner and thought leader in the Digital Buyers and Digital Practitioners Community. We have also contributed to the launch of several Digital Campaigns and to the Go-to-Market Strategy for the introduction of new digital and physical Products.

Integrated Digital Campaigns



Microsoft Hololens

Windows 10

Windows 10

MSN Prime

Microsoft MSN Prime

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Global Consumer Insights

Microsoft Consumer Insights

Bing Ads

Microsoft Bing Search Ads

Customer Engagement

Executive Briefing

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Independent Agencies Enablement

Microsoft Agencies Enablement

Multinational Innovation Session

Microsoft Multinational Innovation Session

Automotive Industry Session

Microsoft Automotive Session

Cannes Lions Festival 2014

Cannes Lions Festival 2014

Cannes Lions Festival 2015

Cannes Lions Festival 2015


Digital Transformation

Market & Business Intelligence

Growth Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy

Integrated B2B
Marketing Strategy

Brand Management & Activation

Customer Engagement

Thought Leadership

Digital, Social, E-commerce

Trade Mark Notice. Microsoft, all Microsoft logos, Bing, HoloLens, MSN, Windows, are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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