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The Future of Mobility

Technological Innovation is changing the way people move. Today and into the future, the world will see more Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared Mobility. TomTom is the leading Location Technology Company
that creates highly innovative Maps, Navigation Software, Maps APIs, Real-Time Traffic and Services to achieve the vision of a Safer, Cleaner, Congestion-Free world. Every day, drivers, automakers, enterprises and developers rely on TomTom Technologies to shape the Future of Mobility.

You Have Reached Your Destination

We have partnered with TomTom for several years and witnessed the meteoric rise of this Company that, by democratizing the GPS Navigation market, has sold millions of products and has become a beloved household name. We started our partnership at the time when TomTom became a listed Company and was the fastest growing Consumer Electronics Brand in Europe.

TomTom UNO Concept.png

Iconic Products and a Bidding War

We have been involved in the legendary acquisition of Tele Atlas, one of the two main global Digital Mapping Companies, that led to a bidding war with Garmin, TomTom's fiercest competitor. Following the acquisition we have been involved in the integration of TeleAtlas within the TomTom Group and other acquisitions pursued to expand TomTom's Technology and Solutions Offering. We have also contributed to the Development, Branding, and global Go-to-Market of several successful products. In the early days, we were part of the core Teams that created the TomTom ONE, the first 'flat' TomTom product, that sold 5M units in its first year, and the TomTom GOX20 Range, at the time the most innovative set of products in the premium GPS market, that sold 4M units in the year of launch.

TomTom Maps.png

Catalyst for Change

TomTom's Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) were extremely successful and the Company reached €2 Billion in Annual Revenue. However, the PND market was quickly being commoditized and TomTom urgently needed to revisit its Product Range and manufacturing costs. Working with the Industrial Design, Product Marketing, Engineering and Software Teams we redefined the Technology and Consumer Product Roadmaps and took a more holistic approach, challenging and provoking the Organization. Given the dramatic downward pressure on average sales prices in the PND market, we focussed on creating low-cost, high-value designs, without sacrificing quality. We completely revised the entry, mid and high-end PND Ranges, and related accessories. We also initiated the re-design of Packaging and POS for the complete Range, meeting Branding, Logistics and Retail targets.


TomTom GO Live



Reaching New Audiences

In order to expand the Product Portfolio and reach New Audiences we introduced ‘White Pearl’, a TomTom ONE limited edition designed specifically for female drivers, and created TomTom ‘Start’ for younger and first-time drivers. Start was the first TomTom to feature a replaceable cover and a full set of trendy accessories. Start was designed for high-volume, cost-effective manufacture, while retaining a premium look and feel. It was designed, developed and manufactured in less than 8 months and met both cost and yield targets, saving almost $70M per year.


TomTom White Pearl


TomTom START.png

Brand Authority

Given its exponential growth, TomTom needed to align its image and messaging to the expectations of the market and its new audiences. TomTom wanted a more mature and authoritative Brand Identity while still keeping that friendliness that made it famous. We have led the TomTom Group Rebranding and Repositioning including Brand Design, Product and Range Naming, Brand Guidelines and the refresh of all Corporate Marketing Assets including Packaging, POS, Digital and Web.

TomTom Brand Guidelines

The Concept Studio

To keep up with the constantly evolving Technology landscape and create a path for Innovation within the Organization, we established a new function within the Consumer Business Unit and named it 'Concept Studio'. Its role was to explore New Business and Diversification opportunities for the TomTom Brand.
The Concept Studio explored and incubated several new ideas, including concepts for Wearables (leading to the creation of the Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom), and for the Connected Car that led to GPS tracking products for Insurance Companies and future Self-Driving Cars.

TomTom Concept Studio

TomTom Sports

Following the Concept Studio explorations, we supported TomTom's Diversification Strategy and the entrance in the Sport Wearables market with its own Branded Products. We have performed an extensive Market Analysis including Intelligence on Market Landscape, Competitor Products and Features, Sport Segments (Running, Cycling, Outdoor, Golf, Fitness and more), and Consumer Insights (Focus Groups and on-site Research). We have explored Concepts, Vendors and Technologies for the Development of the TomTom Sports Products, Website and Mobile App.

TomTom Runner

TomTom Runner and MultiSport

TomTom Sports Mobile App

TomTom Sports Mobile App

TomTom Sports Website

TomTom Sports Website

TomTom Adventurer

TomTom Adventurer


M&A and Integration

Brand Identity & Architecture

Business Strategy & Planning

Organizational Design & Development


Concept Definition


Prototyping & Testing

Product Design & Development




Go-to-Market Strategy

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Digital, Social, E-commerce

Trade Mark Notice. TomTom, all TomTom logos, Start, TomTom GO, TomTom ONE,

TomTom VIA are trademarks of TomTom International B.V..

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